• One-on-one Coaching

    Your battle for success in real estate is not a cerebral one. Rather, it is an emotional war. Learning what to do, knowing what to do and even planning what to do is totally cerebral. But implementing what to do and doing it is totally emotional.

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  • Speaking

    Invite Dr. Cliff to speak at your next event!

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  • Recruiting

    RECRUITING is the primary responsibility of Brokers/ Managers!

    However, like prospecting is to sales representatives, it is the activity most often avoided. That being said let us not waste time and emotion attempting to change people into what they will never become. But rather, let us create systems which they will willingly and effectively put into practice.

    I want to introduce you to my Online Recruiting System … RealSTAR

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What People Are Saying

  • Allan Dalton

    Cliff is the single greatest speaker in the history of the Real Estate Industry … PERIOD.

    Allan Dalton, Fmr PRES of
  • s-cooperAt first I was a little skeptical about the investment because I have been to so many courses, training programs etc. I feel like I could almost teach this stuff. Boy was I wrong. I produced more than 3 times the investment in less than 3 weeks while working with Dr. Cliff and his advanced coaching program. The ideas and mindset he will teach you will change your career. Just when you thought you have seen it all Dr. Cliff drops an idea or system to build your business like never before. What I can say is that he under promises and way over delivers. My only regret is that I hadn't met him sooner. I would recommend him to colleagues and Realtors in any market without hesitation. Thanks Dr. Cliff for helping me propel my career to new heights.
    Scott Cooper, Keller-Williams
  • m-driverI have been a Manager for almost 5 years in the Ottawa Real estate Market. Although I have been privileged to benefit from many different coaches over those years, I found something new in Dr. Clifford Baird. Dr. Baird's insight into what makes us, as humans tick, gives a fresh and new excitement to the whole Recruiting process. Before working with Dr. Baird, I felt I was hitting a wall in my recruiting initiatives. After working with Dr. Baird I have added new skills and refreshed my old ones, allowing me to set new goals for myself and my team. A huge thank you to  Dr. Baird for helping me work towards my true potential!
    Miette Driver, Team Leader/Career Development Consultant, Keller Williams
  • d-kapetanovicI felt I needed additional knowledge and learning that was different from the usual ones in real estate… I always enjoy attending seminars and events and feeling better while learning new things. But I felt this coaching with Dr Cliff was different and was something I needed to switch my mindset and embrace my real estate career without the fear and doubt that had swallowed me up ...I needed that boost of applied confidence that was given to me by Cliff...I knew I had the knowledge but I never had the inner confidence to apply it every day … NOW I DO! ... I have gained so much while coached by Dr Cliff and I was ALWAYS counting the days for my next coaching session as I so thoroughly enjoyed them. THANK YOU SO MUCH CLIFF FOR COMING INTO MY LIFE AND INSTILLING THE CONFIDENCE STEPS WHICH I APPLY EVERY DAY TO OVERCOME MY FEAR OF PROSPECTING ... Thankful forever for your coaching,
    Draga Kapetanovic, Royal LePage
  • e-caravvagio“YOU ARE TRULY ONE OF A KIND”  In my almost 20 years of real estate service I have never met such a powerful individual.   I care deeply about you and your success... I say this because of the profound impact you have had on my life.  I listen to you because you are completely transparent about YOUR journey through life and you are always willing to share this … as a result our coaching sessions are always powerful and full of integrity.  You have held me to account but more than that, your wisdom, guidance and  desire to get to the truth of the matter with Cathy and I, has created an environment in our home and business that is merely about execution and the eventual enjoyment of the fruits of our labour.  I am fortunate and blessed for having met you!
    Eric Caravvagio, Royal LePage
  • j-fieldingI had the good fortune of listening to Dr. Baird speak at the REBAR Camp in Toronto this year. After listening to him speak I knew he would be the ideal COACH that I would want for myself and my TEAM. It has been  the best choice I have made from both a personal and business perspective! “Coach Cliff” as we affectionately call him, has been instrumental in guiding, mentoring, educating, listening and providing creative – out of the box ideas to grow my Team. Coach Cliff is a plethora of knowledge and wisdom. I would highly recommend his Coaching Services to anyone that wishes to take their business to the next level. It was a year of transition for me and I could not have done it without your guidance. It is a pleasure to know and continue to work with you.
    Joette Fielding, ReMAX
  • m-barnardI would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your expert advice in "bringing me back". After being a top producer for many years I had lost the reasons why. With your guidance, patience, professionalism and above all, your fantastic sense of humor, you've helped me put my business and personal life right back on track. You've taught me again what's important, and showed me the way forward, and for that I'm truly grateful.
    Mike Barnard, Royal LePage
  • Nicole MungarAfter being in real estate for nearly 10 years, I had a strong desire to take my business to the next level.  The decision to work with Cliff has been life changing.   I am only half way through my year and have done as many transactions to-date as I did all of last year.  During out initial ‘getting to know you’ phone call, I knew I made the right decision, not only for myself, as well as for my family. Cliff’s understanding of human nature, as it impacts Realtors; is where the breakthrough happens.  Recognizing my weaknesses and overcoming the fear of rejection would not have been possible without Cliff.   I see success in my future.
    Nicole Mungar, ReMAX